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Hi. So I guess you're here to get a taste of my personality and to see if I'm any good. Well, I can answer the first part, but the second part is for you to decide. I'm a positive guy who likes giving people great photos and I'll do whatever I can to get you the photos you paid for. 

I pride myself on my DIY style and my patience. I'll spend as much time as we need getting the photos. Photography for me is a way to enjoy myself. Bob Ross said if you're not enjoying yourself, you're in the wrong business. Ever since I bought my first camera, photography has been something I fell back on for my self care.


I'm big on autism/disability and I'll do what I can to make my photography as accessible as possible. I can do with or without a flash if your family is worried about any sensory issues about flashes and I can travel a bit to wherever your family is most comfortable. 

I also do flower photography and property photography. I shoot HDR which stands for high dynamic range and many of my best shots are taken in HDR. 

All photos are property of Patrick McGuirk Portraits. 

All copyrights are reserved and images will be used in my portfolio unless otherwise stated by the client.

Patrick McGuirk Portraits serves the entire St. Louis and surrounding area.

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